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Restylane® Volyme + Lido Syringes 1 x 1ml


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Restylane Volume Lidocaine is a volumizing gel filler that lifts the face. It is a solution designed to enhance and restore facial volume in areas such as the cheeks, chin, and jawline and boost facial structures. The inclusion of lidocaine, a potent anaesthetic, ensures a comfortable injection. This pack contains: • 1 x 1ml syringe • 2 x 27G 1/2″ needles • 20 mg/ml Cross-linked hyaluronic acid • 3 mg/ml lidocaine Benefits of Restylane Volume: • Restores facial volume, particularly in the cheeks, zygomatic area, chin, and jawline • Creates a lifting effect in the face How long do the results last? Results are visible immediately after treatment. Typically, they can last from 6 to 9 months and up to one year, depending on individual factors such as skin type, age, lifestyle, and the technique used by the medical professional.

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