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Rejeunesse SPARKLE (3 syringes) Syringe 3 x 2.5ml


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“Top Benefits of Rejeunesse Sparkle Dermal Filler
Rejeunesse Sparkle, a revolutionary dermal filler, boasts a range of advantages, including long-lasting results, effectiveness, safety, and high patient satisfaction. The product’s purified components, which come from a non-animal source, are produced using a cutting-edge High Concentration Cross-Linking method, which results in a low amount of BDDE residue. Rejeunesse Sparkle naturally rehydrates the skin, making it a safe and effective stand-alone solution for cosmetic rejuvenation injections and touch-up procedures. This reliable product has a low HA concentration of 20mg/ml and comes in a pack of three 2.5ml syringes.
What to Expect After Injection?
Rejeunesse Sparkle provides immediate, noticeable results that are felt and seen following each session. Along with rejuvenating the skin, it also addresses perioral lines, worry lines, and periorbital lines, as well as hydration levels in the treated areas.”

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