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Rejeunesse FINE Syringe 1 x 1.1ml


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Rejeunesse Fine is a reliable dermal filler that offers several benefits. It is particularly effective in treating shallow lines and creases around the eyes and mouth, which can be challenging to address with traditional fillers. This is because the skin in these areas is thin and delicate, and injectable gels can often result in marks and bumps. However, Rejeunesse Fine is different. Its firm and stable structure, which is mainly cross-linked with hyaluronic acid, has been specially designed to provide even gel distribution in the most gentle and mobile zones of the face. This new-generation soft-tissue filler offers natural-looking results in the removal of perioral wrinkles, worry lines, and periorbital lines.

Some of the top benefits of Rejeunesse Fine include:

Safe: It contains zero animal-based ingredients
Durable: It is fully cross-linked with hyaluronic acid
Guaranteed patient satisfaction: It has balanced anti-aging effects and is painless
Patient-friendly: There is no downtime and no side effects
Each package of Rejeunesse Fine contains a 1.1ml disposable syringe and a 30G needle. The injectable gel is double-sterilized and made up of purified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, with a concentration of 24mg/mL. It also contains lidocaine (3%) which serves as a local anesthetic, reducing pain during the treatment and providing extra comfort for patients during the injection procedure.

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