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Belotero Balance with Lidocaine is a dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid, which is suitable for treating subtle to moderate facial lines and for lip augmentations. Its unique Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) manufacturing process creates a smooth and flexible gel that integrates seamlessly into the skin tissue for natural-looking results.

Contents: 1 x 1.0 ml syringe
Longevity: Results can last up to 6 months

Application Area: Belotero Balance is suitable for treating glabellar lines, marionette lines, lip volume and contour, oral commissures and nasolabial folds.

Why Choose Belotero?
Belotero dermal fillers are known for their natural-looking results that don’t restrict facial expressions. The CPM technology allows for a unique 3D flow and natural integration into the skin tissue. The different densities of the hyaluronic acid used in the product mimic the behavior of facial tissue, which results in a seamless and natural-looking finish.

The wide range of products available under the Belotero brand provides practitioners and patients with a variety of treatment options and high-quality results. Belotero products offer a solution for every use, including filling wrinkles, plumping up lips, or contouring facial features.

With Belotero Balance, patients can enjoy subtle and natural-looking results that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

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