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BELOTERO LIPS SHAPE 0,6 ML Syringe 0.6 ml


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The BELOTERO Lips Shape is a high-quality, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel filler designed for lip contouring. It is transparent, colourless, non-pyrogenic, and non-animal in origin. The product is supplied in a pre-filled, single-use, sterile glass syringe that has been sterilized using moist heat. In addition to the syringe, the package includes two sterile CE-marked needles for single use, two traceability labels, and an instruction leaflet.

BELOTERO Lips Shape is indicated for correcting facial atrophic scars and enhancing soft tissue volume, such as lip volume or severe oral commissures. The product contains 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride, which helps to reduce local pain during the injection of the gel and improve patient comfort. The external box of the product provides information about the dimensions of the needles included in the package.

Package Content:
1 x 0.6 ml of BELOTERO Lips Shape gel filler
1 x 27G needle
1 x 30G needle

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