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Neuramis Volume + Lidocaine (1ml) Syringe 1ml


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Neuramis Volume Lidocaine is a top-notch dermal filler that can work wonders for reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and folds. With a high cross-linking rate, it can provide long-lasting results and sculpt the face with impressive precision. This filler can also effectively restore volume to the cheeks and chin, offering a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Applications: Neuramis Volume Lidocaine is ideal for treating wrinkles and folds on the face, as well as augmenting the cheeks and chin to create more defined facial contours.

Package Contents: This product comes in a 1ml package and includes a 27G x 1/2” (13mm) UTW* needle.

HA Concentration: This dermal filler has a hyaluronic acid concentration of 20mg/ml.

Contains Lidocaine: Neuramis Volume Lidocaine contains 0.3% lidocaine, which can help to minimize discomfort during the injection process.

Storage and Shelf Life: It is recommended to store this product between 2~25°C and it has a shelf life of 24 months.

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