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Neuramis Light + Lidocaine Syringe 1ml


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Neuramis Light Lidocaine is a hyaluronic acid-based filler designed for extended skin revitalization, fine wrinkle correction, and long-term skin moisture and lip hydration. The new generation of Neuramis Light Lidocaine filler is safe and biocompatible with human body tissues, and does not cause allergies or irritations. It is used to correct age-related skin changes and with regular use can restore the color and elasticity of the face and body skin.

Indications for the use of Neuramis Light Lidocaine include minor skin deformities, fine expression lines, lack of skin firmness and elasticity, insufficient skin hydration, preparation of the patient for chemical peeling treatment, supplementing hyaluronic acid deficiencies in atonic, dry skin of the face, neck, and back of the hand, correction of superficial wrinkles (face, neck, cleavage), bio-strengthening of the skin (face, neck, cleavage, hands), correction of lip asymmetry, and hydration of the red rim.

The main advantages of Neuramis Light Lidocaine include intense skin moisturization and rejuvenation, the use of advanced technology for long-lasting results, and the inclusion of lidocaine to reduce injection pain. It is administered via mesotherapy or micro-puncture to stimulate hydration from the inside.

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