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Fillmed M-HA 10 KIT 3 x 3ml


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Fillmed® M-HA 10 contains active ingredients that restore natural hydration levels, improve skin elasticity, and enhance suppleness. This pure hyaluronic acid product is injected as an NCTF mesotherapy cocktail, providing an immediate boost to skin hydration and radiance. Fillmed® M-HA 10 3ml is composed of sodium hyaluronate and is free from animal-derived ingredients. The gel, which consists of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and trace elements, promotes skin regeneration without causing damage.

M-HA®10 is a visco-elastic solution that combats the loss of hyaluronic acid due to aging. It is injected into the upper dermis as a ‘skin booster’ to improve hydration, radiance, and elasticity of the skin. Additionally, it acts as a filling agent for small wrinkles like crow’s feet, laughter lines, and lines around the mouth caused by smoking. It also works to improve the skin’s water barrier.

Hyaluronic acid is a groundbreaking ingredient in skincare technology that helps restore the skin’s natural hydration levels, making it feel firmer and less saggy. MHA10 is 10mg of pure, CE-marked hyaluronic acid for injection purposes.

Fillmed® M-HA 10 is recommended for treating superficial wrinkles, actively and externally moisturizing, improving luminosity, redensifying the dermis, providing elasticity and firmness, providing ion rebalancing, cell stimulation, and protecting against free radicals. It can be applied to most of the face, the back of the hand, and the neck and neckline.

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