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Teosyal® RHA 3 Syringe 2 x 1 ml


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Teosyal® RHA 3 is designed to smooth out deeper wrinkles while maintaining a natural appearance. It can also be used to volumize lips, providing an attractive and confident look you’ll love. With Teosyal RHA 3, each movement and expression of your face is supported, ensuring a consistently beautiful appearance. This innovative Swiss formula by Teoxane works for static and dynamic facial expressions, adapting to your emotions at any time. This painless treatment includes Lidocaine anaesthesia, ensuring a comfortable experience with no swelling. Thanks to over ten years of research by TEXAN Laboratories, the new RHA line is gaining popularity worldwide. What’s included in the package? Each package contains 2 x 1ml syringes. How long do the effects last? RHA 3 is absorbed quickly, providing long-lasting results. What are the benefits of Teosyal RHA 3? Teosyal RHA 3 is recommended for:
• Reducing deeper wrinkles and lines on the face, neck, and décolleté area
• Enhancing lip volume.

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