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Stylage XL Lidocain Syringes 2 x 1 ml


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What is Stylage XL with Lidocaine? Stylage XL with Lidocaine is an injectable dermal gel developed by Laboratoires Vivacy to treat facial volume loss. This formulation is designed to correct aesthetic defects in the face caused by diminished volume, adding plumpness to the cheekbones and cheeks, redefining facial contours, and filling hollow temples. The gel contains the antioxidant mannitol to increase its durability and lidocaine, which provides added patient comfort by acting as an anaesthetic. Where can I purchase this product? You can buy Stylage XL with Lidocaine from us online at wholesale prices or by contacting one of Medica Depot’s customer service associates. Give your patients the youthful face they desire today. What are the benefits of this product? This dermal filler has viscoelastic properties that make it highly malleable, allowing it to conform perfectly to the patient’s specific facial contours. These same properties also make the gel easily adaptable to the movements of skin tissue, resulting in natural-looking results. The gel also contains the antioxidant mannitol, which acts to preserve the structure of the hyaluronic acid particles. Additionally, this iteration includes lidocaine, which reduces the need for topical anaesthetics.

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