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Stylage Hydro Max (BiSoft) Syringes 1 x 1 ml


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Stylage Bi-Soft HydroMax is designed to help restore optimal skin hydration and improve skin elasticity and firmness. It treats intense dehydration and skin laxity and revitalises the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. The package includes the following:
A 1 ml syringe.
A 30G 1/8″ needle.
A 30G 1/2″ needle. and
12.5 mg/g of cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
Benefits of Stylage Bi-Soft HydroMax include: Treating intense skin hydration Treating skin laxity Improving skin elasticity and firmness. Results generally last 2 to 4 months, but the duration depends on an individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type.

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