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Sculptra Vials twin vial 2 x 5ml


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Sculptra is an injectable filler made of biocompatible and biodegradable Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) designed to restore lost volume in the face. This unique collagen stimulator works within the deep dermis of the skin to reproduce depleted collagen stores, restoring the skin’s inner structure and volume. Sculptra gradually reduces facial lines, wrinkles, and folds, replenishing collagen and lost volume for a more natural look that lasts up to 2 years. Each box contains two vials that can be reconstituted with 5ml water for injection (water not provided). Benefits of Sculptra: Restores lost facial collagen and volume. It also reduces facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. Provides natural-looking and gradual results. How long do the results last? In general, results can last up to 2 years.

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