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Revofil Filler PLUS Syringes 2 x 1ml


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Revofil Plus is a soft dermal filler for deep facial wrinkles and increased volume. It also improves the skin’s natural elasticity and is suitable for lip contouring. The product will be injected into targeted areas such as the forehead, nose zone, marionette lines, lips, cheeks, and jaw. The pack contains 2 x 1ml syringes and 4 x sterile 27G needles. The formula comprises cross-linked hyaluronic acid (23 mg/ml) and biometric peptides. This combination provides a more natural and longer-lasting result than other hyaluronic acid-based fillers. The filler includes Oligopeptide-72, which inhibits the degradation of hyaluronic acid, and Oligopeptide-50, which has anti-inflammatory properties and increases collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Revofil Plus offers several benefits, including increasing elasticity and filling deep wrinkles, harmonizing volume, and lip contouring. The product can treat the forehead, nose area, cheeks, jaw, marionette lines, and lips. The recommended injection depth is mid to deep dermis. Results from Revofil Plus can last up to 12 months on average. The duration varies depending on the individual patient’s skin type and type of injection.

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