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Neauvia INTENSE RHEOLOGY 1ml Syringe 1ml


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The Neauvia Organic Intense Rheology is specifically designed to address the initial signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, especially in younger skin. This filler is also appropriate for minor lip augmentation and hand rejuvenation.

The package includes one 1ml syringe, and the product is composed of 12 mg/ml of Sodium Hyaluronate, cross-linked with PEG, as well as Glycine and L-Proline.

Some benefits of Neauvia Organic Intense Rheology include:

Correction of fine lines and superficial wrinkles
Minor lip augmentation
Hand rejuvenation
Results are instantaneous after the first treatment, and the gradual biodegradation of the product means that outcomes are typically long-lasting.

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