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Filorga NCTF 135HA KIT 5 vials 5 x 3ml


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NCTF® 135HA is a unique and positive pro-ageing solution that provides the dermis with essential ingredients to promote its thriving. By reboosting fibroblast activity, which is responsible for collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, NCTF® 135HA creates the optimal environment for skin stimulation without affecting facial features or expressions. The New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF®) containing free HA smoothes fine lines, restores radiance, deeply nourishes, and increases skin density.

This versatile product targets numerous areas and indications, such as reducing sunspots on hands, fine lines on the neck and décolletage, hair restoration, reducing pore size, wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, and overall skin improvement. We recommend peeling with one of the Skin Perfusion Chemical Peels before using NCTF.

The kit includes:

5 x 3ml vials of NCTF® 135HA
5 x 18G draw-off needles
5 x 3ml syringes
10 injection needles (5 x 30G-12mm and 5 x 32G-4mm)

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