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Cytocare Haircare Vials 10 x 5ml


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Cytocare HairCare is a product specifically developed to treat various hair and scalp problems. It effectively addresses progressive or sudden hair loss, dull, tired, and dehydrated hair, as well as greasy hair and dandruff, among other issues. Cytocare HairCare works by improving hair structure, regulating seborrhea, stimulating regrowth, and slowing down hair loss through a combination of invigorating, nourishing, and stimulating elements. Its active ingredients cleanse and rehydrate the scalp, thereby maintaining its protective function, preventing dandruff from reappearing, restructuring and strengthening hair follicles, and making hair shiny and full of vitality. Additionally, hair regains softness, body, and density. The HairCare formula contains non-cross-linked HA, 5 amino acids (Arginine-Cysteine-Glutamine-Glycine-Ornithine), 1 mineral salt (Zinc), and 6 B vitamins. B vitamins stimulate hair follicles, amino acids nourish tissues, and hyaluronic acid provides intense moisture.

The results of Cytocare HairCare are visible after the first session, and the results become increasingly convincing with each subsequent session. Patients and practitioners have reported a high satisfaction rate on average.

This product is used on the scalp to stimulate hair growth and combat androgenic alopecia and baldness.

Cytocare HairCare’s composition includes non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid (2 mg), a revitalizing complex containing 5 amino acids (arginine, cysteine, glutamine, glycine, ornithine), zinc, and 6 B vitamins.

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